2019 Amigurumi Velvet Making

It is the most important technique used in Turkish handwork arts. The materials used are crochet or knitting needles, rope, bead fibers (for filling purposes), dry pastels (for the coloring of face and hands), and amigurumi eyes with safety locks. You can choose to paint the amigurumi instead of the eyes or use the knitting rope again. The most important feature of Amigurumi’s eyes is that they never come out of the place where they are worn and they are 100% reliable. Color felts, knitting or sewing clothing, hair and buckle accessories are added to increase the visuality of an amigurumi.

If you know these abbreviations, I can say that you do not have a description. For example, when making amigurumi sh: magic ring ×: frequent needle v: increase a: decrement hdc: single handrail blo: rear lobe knitting zn: chain w: 3 frequent needles such as abbreviations are used in the same hole. You can learn these terms in detail by looking below

1-You can give gifts to your loved ones with peace of mind. There is no health hazard. 2-It can be easily cleaned when something is spilled or soiled, just like your clothes. 3-Very long life. They do not break like other toys (unless they are cut by scissors, can be played until deformed for many years.) 4-Costs are low. There is no need to spend a lot of money for a beautiful toy. You can make many different toys with some imagination. 5-Psychologically it relaxes you. We all know that knitting is psychologically relaxing. Because during the knitting process, you just focus on the job at hand, and you stop thinking about other things. 6-You can provide an additional income. No matter what we do, it is not possible not to make money when we do it. Of course, it depends on your entrepreneurial spirit. You can sell tinsel toys on the internet, if you don’t think you can sell by hand. 7- You will never have any strings left. If you have any remaining ropes in your hands, it is a good work to evaluate them. There is no permission. 8-Hand labor, we call eye. They are very precious. You put your labor and your love into it while giving it to your loved ones. Maybe you’ll finish in 1 hour, maybe you’ll take your days, but you’ll spend a lot of time trying to do the amigurumi. If you want to give someone a precious gift, I think you should definitely choose handmade products. It should contain your labor within your gifts.