Amigurumi 2019 (55picture)

Tips for Beginners Choose simple toys with little details to gain experience in Amigurumi knitting. Do not use many types of loops. Initially, there will be enough columns without crochet (RLS) and anchor poles (CC). Take the hook smaller than the thickness of the thread. Crocheted amigurumi is best to take crochet acrylic yarn, because it has a soft texture and a rich color palette. For miniature products take the iris and for large ones – acrylic or wool is recommended. Excellent toys are made of cotton, but require a certain experience. Grass is good for tying the animal’s fur. In addition to the hook, you must prepare ready-made elements of scissors, sintepons, eyes and teats as well as beads, sequins and buttons for decorations.

Amigurumi toy models made with crocheted knitting. Toys made of cotton yarns that are completely natural, without the use of chemicals for your children. What do you think about making natural toys for your own children instead of toys made with toys and plastic toys? These toys can be crocheted by yourself, you can reduce the cost, as well as keep away from chemicals.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is knitted with 100% organic cotton yarn. It is anti-allergenic because it is organic and cotton. It does not irritate the skin. If you wash it at 30 degrees with organic detergent, the organic properties of the thread continue.

We gathered the most liked Amigurumi Models for you knitting lovers and we wanted to present them to you. These Amigurumi Toys, which the children love so much, are really admired. These beautiful amigurumi handicrafts can be a very nice gift for children. So much so that when you buy these amigurumi toys, your child can play for years or even a souvenir toy for your grandchildren. These durable amigurumi toys can also be a life-friendly for your child. My son’s toy company, which is a memory that I cannot get out of my mind, is a memory that still warms me up.