Amigurumi Baby And Animals

You remember the ornaments of the watermelon car that marked the eighties ancak Amigurumi or knitting toys are known in our country for a long time, but today we are not able to say that the knitting works are much improved for the first time.Amigurumi is a cute and enjoyable hobby that is easy to learn and decorative. However, since schemes (patterns) and techniques are prepared according to foreign terminology, it is quite common to have difficulty at the beginning level. We have mentioned this issue for you because it is very difficult to find a source in Turkish with everything Her…

Amigurumi is an art, you can use many materials to the extent of your creativity. Colorful fabrics, decorative buttons, paints, canvas mel Decision and creativity are yours!
If you’re just starting out, or if you’re thinking of starting out, don’t be afraid of this! In the first stage, only the yarn and a suitable wool yarn will be sufficient for you. After learning the techniques easily, you can determine the accessories you will use yourself..

Knitting is called minds, scarves, berets come to mind. now you have a different option: amigurumi. Amigurumi. Many of you may have never heard of this current, but when I say toy knitting art, something will come to life in your head. it is very difficult to find the source in Turkish on this subject; but not far from our culture knitting toys. Remember the mesh watermelons hanging in the fridge of your grandmother or neighbor? do not have to do with the amygdis; Because using this technique you can think of all kinds of objects that can be knitted. knitting hamburgers, muffins, even knitting spaghetti!
Amigurumi is a word of Japanese origin. Iyor ami oyuncak means veya nuigurumi şiş stuffed toy made with crochet or skewer. If you knit, you should be aware of the frequent needle technique. amigurumi this technique is adapted to toys. formerly dowry, young girls’ new preference as weave toys. When I first saw these toys I thought they were cute; but what would it mean to buy from them? Nowadays, there are dozens of toys in each child’s room, why would the children want to play with these toys? you may have thought like me; but the a ami ğ craze in the world has reached dimensions you can’t imagine. Don’t waste time if you want to give your child a healthy toy. you can access these toys from blogs on the Internet or from some sites.

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