Amigurumi Best Pokemons

WHAT IS AMIGIGIUM? The knitting toy is actually briefly. Japanese combination of two words. The meaning of this combination, knitted or crocheted and stuffed toys come to say. Therefore, the materials for the amigurumi have come into being, but let’s summarize it Dolayısıyla WHAT ARE THE AMIGIGUMI MATERIALS? Amigurumi is often used for crochet. Hence the amigurumi knitting beads fiber to fill the inside of you crochet, wool rope, scissors, buttons and beads to make your eyes and various decorations, dry pastels or blush to color the face in girls. These are our material. WHAT ARE THE TECHNIQUES OF AMIGIGIUM? How to make crochet for knitting amigurumi, you need to know it. As we said, the need to master the technique of frequent needles. If you want to knit the amigurumi you should try it first. Chain, frequent needles and handkerchiefs, how to do, if you do not know how to knit amigurumi impossible.

UNDERSTANDING COLLECTIONS: Sometimes, instead of these symbols, abbreviations are made by using the initials of the English language. They are also briefly: Chain = Chain Stitch = Ch Common needle = Single Crochet = Sc Half Frequent Needle = Slip Stitch = Sl st Single Blade = Half Double Crochet = Hdc Double Rule = Double Crochet = Dc Triple Handle = Triple Crochet = Tr Double Handle = Double Triple = Dtr In this way we read the formulas written with text.