Amigurumi Car

Amigurumi car making is very simple and enjoyable. We cover the base of the car with black rope and weave it with a crocheted knit according to the size of the car. Do not forget to remove the section of your car wheels. Then, we use the red color thick rope to cover the ceilings and sides of the car.

Similarly, we do not forget to leave space for the future of the wheels of the car. We are building four wheels for the wheels of the car. We start with red and continue knitting with black. We’re sewing the wheels we do with a needle frequently. And we fill the inside of our car with bead fiber and completely sew.

Then we cover the windows of the car with the rope you want to add and re-sew on the car. Now our car is ready. You can give your child a present. It will be both useful and healthy and very valuable for your children. Gifts made with manual labor can never be replaced and will not take place.