Amigurumi Free Patterns

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Amigurumi? Have you ever heard of the name of this art?
To explain the art of Amigurumi briefly; knitting art toys Japanese … before I attract more organizations to chain forward could not go -on so I’m not unfair to the middle school myself crooked I yapmışlıg fiber:)) – They were they doing toy with these materials and this art is quite common that in Turkey 🙂 Current cute Look at the toys! Visit our website for more .

Of course, as soon as I saw these toys, I went to my mother who knew a little bit of knitting and got the promise of experimenting with emotion exploitation, of course, we said we would do it on 15 holidays and we did! 🙂 Being at this age does not prevent me wanting these toys :))
A good research … Of course, the priority was how the models were made. The problem was exactly where it started, because the recipes for the Amigurumi were the art of the Japanese and the Japanese. I didn’t understand what my mother, I understood. magazine, but within the x, v to explain the terms of nothing to explain the knitted from the mind. According to the first attempt was quite successful!

It’s easy already. By the way
x: frequent needle
v: increase
a: reduction.
I highly recommend nako diamond as rope.
Filling material of olark bead silicone
You can also get amigurumi in the eyes. 🙂