Amigurumi Rattle

The Japanese invention, which has been turned into an outbreak, is a generic name given to toys. The amigurumis that are produced because they cannot be mass production are personal and they have the creativity and traces of their producer. It is very easy to make and it is done by using the frequent needle method. ball ball 7 different stitch style and 3 different start style you can have the chance to produce your own dream toys

is a new japanese knitting art. higgie The funniest part is that when you show ese to the friend and you say “japanese art”, “you know that braid or something, we used to do it.” receive responses. It is quite pleasurable and walks through similar techniques. The ingenuity is a bit of the right rope, it is better not to use woolen ropes.

he amigurumi cat, which is one of the most preferred models, can usually be recommended for making key rings. Small models look more cute for this knitting model you need; amigurumi rope (color and thickness of your choice), one crochet, eye and mustache accessory, cotton, needle and thread for sewing. After obtaining all the materials you need to learn the technique of work.