Fruit Best Amigurumi

There are also a few tips for making amigurumi. Calculate mathematics as you knit and where, how much to increase or decrease; flat, oval, round etc. You need to clarify how you can expose shapes with these mathematical schemes.

If you want to use the chain method, grab the rope and secure the rope before pulling a chain. Then pull out 2 chains. Make 6 frequent injections into the first of the 2 chains that you took last. Chain method; apply more chains at flat beginnings such as the base of the shoe; on various fur, thread, piece, beads etc. You can use this round start by pulling 2 chains at the ropes with variations.

Amigurumi toys are more advantageous and harmless than other toys. In other toys, for example, hairs or metals are risky for babies. This is not the case with the amigurumi toy. Because amigurumi is organic because it is completely knitting. Another important advantage is that the use of bead fibers in the amigurumis makes them harmless.