Loved Amigurumis 2019

amigurumi, which we hear frequently in recent years, is a kind of toy made by crochet knitting method. Its construction is quite difficult for some. The Amigurumi word originates in Japanese, especially if you may ask for a little more ingenuity, especially for ever-knit people. Ami (knitted) and nuigirimi (stuffed toy) are derived by combining the words. Amigurumiyi other toys that distinguish the most basic feature is healthy. Your child can play with these toys without any danger. News about the other toys related to carcinogenic substances from time to time caused the parents to show more interest in knitting toys.

Amigurumi has been an excellent option for knitting lovers. By dealing with the amigurumi you can both make a hobby and earn money. You can also make hand-crafted toys for your own children. Many people of all ages make amigurumi as a hobby because they are both pleasant and easy to learn and decorative.

Amigurumi is the art of making toys using a knitting needle. You can make amigurumi with any kind of rope you want. But the quality of your toy will determine the quality of the rope you will use. Therefore, it is important that you make the right choice on the rope. The point you should pay attention to here is that the rope you will use is not too thin and that it is a kind of wool that will not make hair over time. Outside, soft fluffy cotton ropes sold under the name of baby wool are ideal for making amigurumi. At the same time you will use a rope that will not break the type of rope will extend the life of the toy. You can make amigurumi with any color yarn you choose according to your taste.