Most varied amigurumi models

sometimes instead of these symbols, abbreviations are made using the initials of that expression. They are also briefly:
Chain = Chain Stitch = Ch
Common needle = Single Crochet = Sc
Half Frequent Needle = Slip Stitch = Sl st
Single Blade = Half Double Crochet = Hdc
Double Rule = Double Crochet = Dc
Triple Handle = Triple Crochet = Tr
Double Handle = Double Triple = Dtr

American (US) British (UK)
Slip Stitch (sl st) = Single Crochet (Sc)
Single Crochet (Sc) = Double Crochet (Dc)
Half Double Crochet (Hdc) = Half Triple Crochet (Htr)
Double Crochet (Dc) = Triple Crochet (Tr)
Triple Crochet (Tr) = Double Triple Crochet (Dtr)
Double Triple Crochet (Dtr) = Triple Triple Crochet (Ttr)

Yes, amigurumi knitting might be a bit difficult, but when you get used to it, it is a very nice and enjoyable job. If you pay attention to the calculations, the number and the number of numbers increase and decrease. Amigurumi knitting in the first by making six rings, then we are in the 2nd order. So according to our calculation, 1a = 12, that means we have 2 sinking to each frequent needle and 12 frequent needles.

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