The most beautiful amigurumi models

Amigurumi for the computer is crooked. Tire, wool rope, scissors, beads to fill the inside, buttons and beads to make your eyes and various decorations, dry pastels or blush to color the face in girls. These are our material.

How to make crochet for knitting amigurumi, you need to know it. As we said, the need to master the technique of frequent needles. If you want to knit the amigurumi you should try it first. Chain, frequent needles and handrails, how to knit, amigurumi

Sometimes in these text descriptions we can see abbreviations of expressions such as pin, chain, loop, etc. At the beginning of the article can give the acronym expansions. If the source is prepared in Turkish, the Favorites can be used instead of the needle SI shortly. But in foreign sources you may encounter abbreviations:

Chain = O
Loop shift = C
Frequent needle = X
Rear frequent needle (Back loop only) = X
Increment (2 frequent pins in 1 thread) = V
Increment (3 frequent pins in 1 stitch) = W
Reduction (1 stitch from 2 stitches) = A
Reduction (1 stitch from 3 stitches) = M
Single Handle = T
Double Handle = F